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Iris Orang Yang Menghadapi Tekanan

Iris Orang Yang Menghadapi Tekanan

Iris Orang Yang Kurang Tekanan

Iris Orang Yang Kurang Tekanan

Terapi Bicara Kendiri

Our behaviour is related to what we believe and the way we think, and not related to what we know. If we make effort to change what we believe and the way we think, our behaviour will change. Contrary to the common belief that behaviour cannot be changed, psychologists are developing methods of treatment that can change behaviour. What we believe and the way we think, is influenced by what we talk and hear repeatedly. What we talk and hear every day is influenced by what we see and experience.

Since men have limited vision, their understanding of what is the truth is also limited. Men can only see things within the visible spectrum. Beyond the visible spectrum the human eyes are not capable of seeing. Many animals however can see what men cannot see because their eyes can detect beyond the visible spectrum.. They can also hear sound that men cannot hear.

Men cannot talk beyond their experience and about things which they cannot see and have no knowledge. Allah, the creator of men, the all-seeing and all-knowing has given the entire mankind a statement of truth that is “There is no one capable of doing anything except Allah”. This statement of truth has to be conveyed to the entire mankind by those who have been honoured with the statement of truth, Prophet Muhammad saw and the follower of Prophet Muhammad saw. Without knowing this statement of truth the entire mankind will be in utter bewilderment.

The statement of truth is also known as the statement of faith. By the grace of Allah, people’s attitude and behaviour can be modified by making them hear and talk to themselves repeatedly the expounded meanings of the statement of truth, until the beliefs and mental outlook become correct. Once beliefs and mental outlook are correct, attitude and behaviour will be improved and the stress being experienced will be greatly reduced. The statement of truth is a gift from Allah to the entire humanity. It is the real source of cure for men’s soul, mind and body. It is the cure of all diseases if properly administered.

Using the principle of Self-Talk Therapy, the expounded meanings of the statement of truth are prescribed to the patients until their beliefs and mental outlook become correct. Application of the Self–Talk Therapy is by recording the specially created self-talk statements of truth onto a CD or an audio tape. The number of statements prescribed varies depending on the age of the person being treated and the objective of the treatment. Each statement would be repeated three times and each time the person must affirm it loudly to himself. Each track generally would comprise about 20 statements to be listened to three times a day, in the morning, afternoon and evening.

The self-talk statements are short and simple such that even a five year old child will understand, remember and be able to repeat it very quickly. The statements are always positive and in the present tense as if it has already happened. By repeating and affirming the statements out loud, a person is down stepping his thoughts in the brain electrical network to speech and this involves two senses in the brain, the auditory and kinaesthetic sense.

If done properly, the old beliefs would be dismantled and the new and correct beliefs will be established. Once the new and correct beliefs have been established, the change in attitude and behaviour would be achieved.

Facts Finding and History Taking

Behaviour modification therapy begins with the treatment of stress. Treatment of stress means to eliminate the stress factor such as fear, worry, frustration, sadness anger, and dislike using self-talk therapy. After the stress has been eliminated then therapy to eliminate wrong behaviour follows. After the treatment to eradicate wrong behaviours is complete then the treatment to inculcate good behaviour starts. The treatments for the enhancement of good behaviours start when the treatment to inculcate good behaviours has been completed.

The stress management and behaviour modification process should begins by fact finding and questioning on things such as, has he got any fear, are there things that he does not likes , what recent incidence that makes him sad or frustrated, what are the things that make him angry, does he has any trust on anyone or does he forget and forgive easily.

From the fact finding and questioning, the root cause of the stress can be diagnosed. If it is due to fear, then the level and the duration of the fear has to be assessed. The patient can be asked to subjectively to quantify the level of fear.

After the diagnosis has been made, then the self-talk statements or words will be formulated, prescribed specially tailored to the need of the person.

After one months of treatment the person will be asked to come back for progress monitoring and review. If the desired behavioural change has not been fully achieved, then another treatment consisting further questioning and another series of self-talk statements will be formulated and prescribed. Each of the wrong behaviour will require different and special statements. When a wrong behaviour has been treated, then treatment for other wrong behaviours can start. A person may have much bad or wrong behaviour such as laziness, procrastination, impatient, over-spending and always late for work and each one can be treated separately.

When the wrong behaviour has connection with bodily disease then bodily disease has to be treated also. Laziness for example may be related to inability to concentrate which can be related to poor blood circulation in the brain. Therefore treatment to improve blood circulation has to be carried out at the same time.

Every time a patient comes for a review of his behavioural improvement, he has to sit for written examination on the series of statements that has been prescribed to him. It is a fill in the blank type of examination for each and every statements prescribed to him. If he can successfully remember all the missing words, it is a proof that he has taken the treatment properly. Subjectively he also has to quantity the improvement to his wrong behaviour under treatment.


My work cannot fulfil my needs. Only Allah can.

I cannot get what I want except what Allah gives.

I cannot do anything to fulfil my needs. Only Allah can.

Money cannot fulfil my needs. Only Allah can.

I work because it is an order of Allah.

I work only to please Allah

I can only do the best. Only Allah can do perfect.

I cannot have anything except what Allah gives.

Only Allah can humiliate or disgrace me.

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Program Audio Terapi Pengurusan Tekanan


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Testimoni Terapi Pengurusan Tekanan

“INNOVATIVE, EFFECTIVE AND WONDERFUL. I have been looking for such a treatment that enhances my mental attitudes. I believe others are also looking for such a treatment. I believe that most of time when we are sick, our soul is also sick and not just our body. The first time I listened to the statements of truth my heart felt like being physically cut and with salt put on it. I spent 15 minutes in the morning, afternoon and at night listening and repeating the statements of truth. After a week of treatment, I began to feel happier, calmer and my anger also subsided. My family members saw the changes in me and they liked it. As a result my relationship with my family improved. Now, I am spending 1 hour and a half per day listening to both the 1st and 2nd part of the tape. I recommend this treatment to others. If you have goals and you want to achieve them please take the self-talk treatment. Thank you Dr.Nasoha.

Prof. Madya Dr.Ahmad Mahmood Musanif, University Putra Malaysia

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